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Searching with no choices results in all brass and non-brass models in inventory.

Trackside offers imported railroad models of all scales.  Most imported models are made in Korea.  Recently, several companies are importing plastic models with or without sound and are an incredible value for the type of model received.


Trackside is a dealer for the following importers of Brass models,
Overland, Division Point, Coach Yard, Precision Scale, Key Models, Glacier Park Models, North Bank Imports, Union Terminal Imports, Broadway Limited Brass Imports, Railway Classics and others.


Trackside is also a dealer for those who import non-brass (plastic) models.  These importers include Athearn, Intermountain Railway, Inc, MTH, Inc, Broadway Limited, and Precision Craft models.

We also handle all past importers as we often get consignments from
customers who want to reduce their collections.


We can provide all scales of models that our dealers import, but the vast majority of sales are HO scale.


Any model currently in stock at the importer can be ordered for you at a significant discount.  Future models are best obtained by securing them with a firm reservation.  Reservations are made without a deposit.  However, any customer who cancels a reserved model after we receive the “pick-up-payment” notice from the importer, will be asked to provide a 15% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for all future reservations.


In the past few years, we have handled a number of model railroad collections to the great satisfaction of our customers.  Our consignment fees are the lowest we know of, and our honesty and forthrightness in dealing with estates, collections, and consignments can be verified by a number of past customers.

Please call or email us for further details and pricing policies for consignments/estates.

(In one estate sale,  we realized more than twice as much as the family was offered for a buyout sale by a hobby shop).


Trackside Prints and Hobbies has been in business since  1984.  Our aim is to have fun at this hobby.  If any model is not as represented, it may be returned within 3 days for a full credit, exchange, or refund.  We simply ask you to pay the return shipping.

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