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Q. Does having a model train setup cost a lot of money?
A. Not always. Perhaps you have seen people with model trains and railroad setups running throughout their house with extravegent detail. Those setups cost a lot of money. But if you want something simple, such as a a beautiful oak track hanging from the ceiling of your living or dining room, then the cost is low....as long as you stick with R&G Railroad!

Q. What is the cost of the system per linear foot?
A. $18 to $20 per foot which includes roadbed, wall/ceiling brackets and mounting hardware.

Q. What type of wood is used to build your R&G Railroad system?
A. The finest Red Oak.

Q. What finish do you apply to the wood?
A. We use medium walnut oil finish which is applied by hand.

Q. How far apart do you recommend installing the wall brackets?
A. Install the brackets 48 inches from center to center.

Q. Is the track included with your system?
A. No. However, we can provide you with the track at a nominal cost.

Q. Will your R&G Railroad System provide a two track operation?
A. Absolutely! The OK-1500 and OK-1100 curves are concentric.

Q. What is the best remote control system for your railroad operation?
A. For optimum control, the best product is the new Train Engineer System by Aristo-Craft. It is a small, easy-to-use, hand-held controller which responds at the touch of a button.

Q. What is the recommended height to mount my railroad system on the wall?
A. In order to keep your train visible as it circles the room, and to make sure the quality finish of the track is seen, mount the system just above the highest window or door in the room, approximately 15" to 18" from the ceiling.

Q. Does R&G Railroad System provide ceiling mount capabilities?
A. We sure do! We offer single and double track trusses.

Q. Are all components for the railroad system ready for immediate delivery?
A. Yes! We carry a substantial inventory of products offered which are ready for immediate delivery.

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