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GOLUB', P. A Working Man That Gives Society His Best Effort Is a Labor Hero Covered With Glory, 1947
Trudovoi chelovek chuvstvuyet sebya u nas svobodnym grazhdaninom nashei strany, svoyego roda obshestvennym deyatelem... [With Us, A Working ...
MITKEVICH, O. Remember, Love, and Study Il'ich, Our Leader, Our Teacher (I. Stalin), 1946
Pamyataite, lyubit', vivchaite Il'icha,nashogo uchitelya, nashogo vozhdya (I. Stalin) [Remember, Love, and Study Il'oich, Our Le...
KORETSKY, V. Join the Ranks of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, 1947
Vstupaite v ryady obshestv Krasnogo Kresta i Krasnogo Polumesyatsa [Join the Ranks of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies], a poste...
KORETSKY, V. Pioneers and Schoolchildren! Take the BGSO Badge Tests!, 1947
The Russian abbreviation BGSO stands for “Be Prepared for the Sanitary Defense of the USSR.” Sponsored by the Red Cross and modeled after ...
KRIVONOGOV, P. Women are the Soviet State's Great Strength, 1947
Zhenshina — velikaya sila Sovetskogo Gosudarstva [Women are the Soviet State's Great Strength], a poster by Pyotr Krivonogov (...
ZADOROZHNY, V. In Battles We Build The Future / Leading The Fatherland towards Glory, 1947
V boyakh zdobuvayemo volyu maybutnyu / Do slavy vitchyznu svoyu povedem [In Battles We Build The Future/Leading The Fatherland towards Glory...
KORETSKY, V. The Union of Science and Labor Guarantees a Great Harvest, 1948
Soyuz nauki i truda — Zalog vysokhikh urozhayev! [The Union of Science and Labor Guarantees a Great Harvest], a poster by Viktor K...
KUKRYNIKSY COLLECTIVE. The People Issue a Warning!, 1950
Narody preduprezhdayut! [The People Issue a Warning!], a poster by the Kukryniksy Collective: People's Artists of the Soviet Union M...
DOLGORUKOV, N. American ``Freedom,`` 1951
Amerikanskaya ``svoboda`` / Tyur'ma dlya naroda [American ``Freedom`` / A Jail for the People], a poster by Nikolai Dolgorukov (1902-1980,...
GOVORKOV, V. In the Name of Communism!, 1951
Vo imya kommunizma! [In the Name of Communism!], a poster by Viktor Govorkov (1906-1974, Meritorious Artist of the Russian Federation). ...

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