Lot 99

GOLUB', P. Fly Higher, Further, Faster Than Everybody Else!, 1946 (1945?)

Letat' vyshe, dal'she i bystreye vsekh! [Fly Higher, Further, Faster Than Everybody Else!], a poster by Pyotr Golub' (1913-1953). Iskusstvo, Moscow, 1946 (1945?), 56 ? 85 cm.

The poster's catchy slogan was considered the motto of Soviet aviation. Its exact origin is unclear; one of the earliest occurrences in official literature is in a speech by Ya. Alksnis, the early 1930s chief of Soviet military aviation during the Aviation Day in 1934.

Pyotr Golub' was a graduate of the Moscow Arts Institute (class of 1938). He started producing posters while still a student, but his pre-1945 works seem to be quite elusive. Golub' also worked as a magazine artist, notably with the popular Ogonyok (1947-1948), and illustrated books.

Opening Price: $700

Estimate: $700-$1000

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