Lot 96

VADBOLSKY, M. Our Great Suvorov Is Proud of the Victory of Stalin's Soldiers, 1945.

I gord veliky nash Suvorov pobedoi Stalinskikh Boitsov [``And Our Great Suvorov Is Proud of the Victory of Stalin's Soldiers], a poster by Mikhail Vadbolsky (1902-1977), versed text by Gerorgy Tsagareli . Published by the Kommunist newspaper, Tbilisi, 1945. 74.5 x 55 cm.

The poem at the center of this design reads as if the war is already over or almost over. The opening and closing lines are, respectively, ``We were waiting for these days / Germany is crushed`` and ``Our great Suvorov is proud of the victory of Stalin's soldiers.`` In terms of graphics though, Vadbolsky's design seems to fit better into the ``let's finish the job`` category than into the ``victory is ours!`` category.

Vadbolsky was, by all accounts, a man of many interests. Aside from working as a newspaper journalist, caricaturist, and posterist, he also wrote extensively on such subjects as the history of chess and Georgian heraldry. Sources disagree on his date of birth; we are following the date given by the Russian State Historical Archive in its online catalog.

Opening Price: $400

Estimate: $400-$600

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