Lot 9

[LITINSKY, I]. Fire, 1931

Vogon' [Fire], a Ukrainian-language poster attributed to Ibragim Litinsky (1908-1958). Soyuzkino, Kiev Branch, 1931, 61 x 86.5 cm.

Ibragim Litinsky attended the Kiev Art School and the School of Theater and Cinematography at the Kiev Art Institute. While he did not realize his dream of becoming a film art director, in the late 1920s and early 1930s he was one of the most productive Kiev film poster artists. Modern Ukrainian critics praise him as one of the masters of the film poster genre. The poster being offered was produced for a lost film, released in June 1931, by the soon-to-be famous Soviet director Mark Donskoi.

Opening Price: $1500

Estimate: $1500-$2250

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