Lot 89

GINTS, S. Hail to the 28th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!, 1945

Da zdravstuyet 28ya godovshina Velikoi Oktyabr'skoi Sotsialisticheskoi Revolyutsii! [Hail to the 28th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!], a poster by Stefan Gints (1900-1960). Rostov branch of the Soviet Art Fund, 1945, 58 ? 80 cm.

A poster unmistakably produced in the heartland of Russian Don Cossackdom. There was a period in Soviet history when an artist would not even consider placing an old timer in a traditional Cossack uniform on a Revolution Anniversary poster — for a while, Cossacks were banned from serving in the Red Army. However, by 1936, Cossack Cavalry divisions were reconstituted, and in 1939 Cossaks serving in them were issued traditional Cossack uniforms.

Stefan Gints for many years held the Artist-in-Chief position with Rostov's regional publishing house, Rostizdat. In 1941, he became the chief artist of the satirical newspaper Priamoi Navodkoi [Direct Hit], published in Rostov until the city was overrun by Germans in July 1942. Gintz returned to the city after the Red Army liberated it in 1944, and resumed his work as a book illustrator and poster artist.

Opening Price: $700

Estimate: $700-$1000

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