Lot 87

TROITSKY, S. Fertilizers — To the Field!, Agitation Poster No. 7, 1944

Udobreniya — na polya!, Agit-plakat No. 7 [Fertilizers — To the Field!, Agitation Poster No.7], a poster by Serafim Troitsky (1909-1990). Ivanovo Regional State Publishing (OGIZ-Ivanovo), Ivanovo, 1944, 83 x 52 cm.

See the notes to lot 78, which features another poster from the same series.

Troitsky was a student of Schlein, a Kostroma realist artist and pedagogue, protégé of Lunacharsky. (We have recently come across an interesting article about the conflict between the “traditionalist8221; Schlein and Nikolai Kupreyanov, who came to Kostroma during the Civil War to run the Free Art Studios there. Schlein won, and Kupreyanov had to return to Moscow.) In Ivanovo, he ran the city's youth art studio, and later became the faculty member at the local Technical Arts School; his work as a pedagogue was recognized by the honorary title “Meritorious Teacher of the Russian Federation.” A member of the Artists' Union, Troitsky regularly took part in regional exhibitions.

Opening Price: $500

Estimate: $500-$750

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