Lot 84

LIVANOVA, V. Kostya Kravchuk, a Young Hero, 1944

Yuny geroi Kostya Kravchuk [Kostya Kravchuk, a Young Hero], a poster by Vera Livanova (1910-1988). Iskusstvo, Moscow, 1944, 56.5 x 82.5 cm.

The poster tells the story of a Ukrainian young pioneer who in September 1941 saved two army banners, left behind by retreating Soviet Army soldiers, and returned them to the military after the liberation of Kiev in 1944.

Vera Livanova, who attended the ``Victims of 1905`` Moscow Technical School for the Arts and Moscow VKhUTEIN (1928-1930), started producing cinematic and advertising posters date in early 1930s. After spending several years outside Moscow (a theater artist in Perm, advertising artist in Kiev — one can't help but notice the similarities with the biography of another important Soviet poster artist, Galina Shubina), she returned to Moscow in 1936 and turned to producing propaganda posters.

Aside from being considered one of the best Soviet female posterists, Livanova is also remembered as a talented landscape and still life artist — her graphic works and paintings can be found in collections of leading Russian art museums.

Opening Price: $300

Estimate: $300-$600

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