Lot 78

GOLUBEV, A. (Deliver) Fuel for Transport!, Agitation Poster No. 6, 1944

Toplivo — transportu!, Agit-Plakat No. 6 [Deliver Fuel for Transport!], a poster by Anatoly Golubev (1915- ?), no. 6 in “Agit Plakat [Propaganda Poster]” series published by Ivanovo OGIZ. Ivanovo, 1944, 53 x 83 cm.

The versed caption at the bottom of the poster can be approximately translated, “Woodsman, every strike of your ax is a strike at the enemy.”

Ivanovo is a regional city near Moscow. It is the historic center of the Russian textile industry; not surprisingly, the city supported a strong technical arts school (founded back in the 19th century as a branch of the Stiglitz School, now the St. Petersburg University of Art and Design) and a vibrant artistic community. During the war, the city became an important center of propaganda production; some details could be found in a Russian language on-line article “Krayevedcheskiye i mestniye izdaniya voyennikh let v fondakh Tsentralnoy Biblioteki Ivanovsloi oblasti” by V.E. Kashayev. For other wartime posters produced in Ivanovo, see lots 46 and 87.

The biographic information about Golubev provided by the several artists databases we have checked is very scant — “Member of the Artists' Union, lived in Ivanovo.”. Looking for other examples of Golubev's art, we came across several very attractive children's books illustrated by the artist in the 1950s and 1960s. We found only a couple of references to Golubev's posters, but it turns out that he designed scores of illustrated postcards and envelopes.

Opening Price: $800

Estimate: $800-$1200

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