Lot 75

SMEKHOV, L. With a Sharp Eye, We'll Scan Every House and Every Court, 1943

Vsyo obsharim ostrym glazom, kazhdy dvor i kazhdy dom [With a Sharp Eye, We'll Scan Every House and Every Court], a poster by Lev Smekhov (1908 -1978). Iskusstvo, Moscow-Leningrad, 1943, 44.5 x 56 cm.

Schoolchildren traditionally took an active part in scrap metal collecting campaigns. Young Pioneers organization regularly sponsored the scrap metal collecting contests. To the despair of their moms, eager-to-win kids often delivered kettles, irons and other utensils picked at home.

A graduate of Moscow VKhUTEIN, Lev Smekhov was a renown children's book illustrator and caricaturist. He also worked as a newspaper artist, both for the youth-oriented Pionerskaya Pravda, and for such prestigious publications as Izvestiya and Literaturnaya Gazeta.

Opening Price: $500

Estimate: $500-$750

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