Lot 74

SEREBRYANNY, I. The Red Army Offensive Continues (LenTASS Windows series poster no.12), 1943

Krasnaya Armiya prodolzhayet nastupleniye… (Okno LenTASS no. 12) [The Red Army Offensive Continues ], a poster by Iosif Serebryany (1907-1979, People's Artist of the Soviet Union). LenTASS, Leningrad, 1943, 69.8 x 107.5 cm.

Iosif Serebryanny, a highly regarded painter and pedagogue, stayed in Leningrad during the Siege, often on frontline assignments. While we have seen (and offered) Serebryanny posters produced in the 1930s and after the war, he was particularly active in this genre during the war years.

Opening Price: $800

Estimate: $800-$1200

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