Lot 7

VORONOV, L. and EVSTAFIEV, N. Guard the Conquests of October — Join the OSOAVIAKhIM Society!, 1927

Bud' na strazhe zavoyevaniy Oktyabrya — vstupai v OSOAVIAKhIM! [Guard the Conquests of October — Join the OSOAVIAKhIM Society!], a large (``double-size``) poster by Leonid Voronov (1899-1938) and Mikhail Evstafiev (1898-1939). OSOAVIAKhIM Publishing, Moscow, 1927, 123.5 x 94 cm.

A very early OSOAVIAKhIM poster — it was in 1927 that Commissar of Defense Klim Voroshilov decided to merge two state-sponsored mass organizations: the Society of Aid to Aviation and Chemical Defense Preparedness (AVIAKhIM) and Society for Aid to Defense of USSR (OSO).

Voronov and Evstafiev worked both in film poster and propaganda poster genres. They also illustrated many books, among them the first edition of Ilf and Petrov's 12 Chairs. In 1935, Mikhail Voronov was arrested, accused of being a part of the so-called ``Kremlin Plot`` and sentenced to six years of hard labor; he never came back. It appears that a similar fate befell his friend and collaborator.

Opening Price: $3000

Estimate: $3000-$4500

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