Lot 68

EFIMOV, B. The German Calendar Lies, the Soviet Calendar Strikes!, 1943

Vret nemetskiy — biyot Sovetsky kalendar' [The German Calendar Lies, the Soviet Calendar Strikes!], a poster by Boris Efimov (Boris Friedland, 1900-2008, People's Artist of the Soviet Union). Iskusstvo, Moscow, 1943, 28 x 21.5 cm.

In the context of this October 1943 poster, the Russian word kalendar' [calendar] is probably better translated as “planner.” It makes fun of German offensive plans for the summer of 1943 that came to naught after the battle of Kursk; Germans were reduced to what they euphemistically called “elastic defense,” with the Red Army retaking much of the occupied Soviet territory. The poster was printed in several sizes.

One of the best known Soviet political posterists and caricaturists, Boris Efimov started his artistic career in Kiev during the Civil War. Amazingly, he was still drawing caricatures ninety years later at the age of 108. But for a brief interruption in 1938, caused by the arrest and subsequent execution of his brother (the leading Soviet journalist Mikhail Koltsov), Efimov's posters and caricatures regularly appeared in the leading Soviet newspapers and magazines, and his posters enjoyed massive print runs.

Opening Price: $500

Estimate: $500-$750

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