Lot 67

ZABAROVSKY, F. The Hour of Reckoning Is Near, 1942.

Blizitsya chas rasplaty (Agit Okno no. 65) [The Hour of Reckoning Is Near], a poster by Frants Zaborovsky (1915 - 1972?). Published by the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party Committee for the City of Saratov, no. 65 in the local Agit-Okno series, Saratov, 1942. 62.5 x 84 cm.

In Saratov, display-window posters were produced starting in the early months of the war under the ``Agit Okno [Propaganda Window]`` name. The first 15 issues were hand drawn; subsequent issues were lithographed and distributed to multiple locations through the region. A typical printing run was about 300 copies.

Zaborowsky's nephew, Saratov writer and publisher Sergei Borovkov, included a eulogy of sorts for his uncle into a collection of literary sketches that appeared in Volga — XXI vek [Volga — 21st Century] magazine (Saratov, 2007, no. 7-8). It describes the artist as a difficult man, nevertheless truly dedicated to art, and contains some colorful details of the artist's biography. As it turns out, Zaborovsky was born in Australia, but brought back to the Soviet Union by his parents, political refugees from Tsarist Russia. He attended the Stalingrad Arts Technical School and Leningrad Art Institute — starting before the war, resuming his studies after, and graduating in 1948 — and afterwards lived in Leningrad. According to Borovkov, during the war, Zaborovsky tried to volunteer for military service, but was rejected. He then found employment with the Saratov branch of the Soviet Arts Fund and took part in producing posters for the Agit Okno operation.

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Estimate: $800-$1200

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