Lot 65

REZNIKOV, E. A Hero Against Sheep, Yet Sheep Against a Hero, 1942

Molodets protiv ovets, a protiv molodtsa i sam ovtsa [A Hero Against Sheep, Yet Sheep Against a Hero], a poster by Efim Reznikov (1894-1979). Uzbek SSR State Publishing, Tashkent, 1942, 85 x 50.5 cm.

Satirical artist Efim Reznikov lived in Kharkov before WWII, regularly publishing his sketches and caricatures in local newspapers and a variety of satirical magazines (e.g. Gavrilo and Krasnaya Osa in the 1920's), often under the pseudonym Reni. In 1942, Reznikov was evacuated to Samarkand in Uzbekistan with the faculty of the Kharkov Art Institute; this poster dates to Reznikov's Samarkand period and is rather typical for the artist's satirical style. At the same time, an essay about posters produced in Uzbekistan during WWII by V. Dolinskaya highly praises another Reznikov work, Syny moi, otomstite! [Exact Revenge, My Sons!], executed in a completely different manner — Reznikov's work “left no heart untouched.”

Opening Price: $700

Estimate: $700-$1000

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