Lot 58

KOMAROV, E. Here's Moscow for You!, 1942

Vot tebe i Moskva [Here's Moscow for You!], a poster by Evgeny Komarov (1913 -1995), 1942, 62 x 87.5 cm.

Evgeny Komarov, a graduate of the Moscow Art Institute (class of 1936) was called to army duty in 1940, and became a military artist assigned to Grekov's Military Artists Studios. Many of his war time posters were produced at short order directly at the front lines; this is probably true of the (stenciled?) poster being offered, dating to the period of Soviet advances after the battle of Moscow. Komarov's wartime output also includes a number of posters produced at the frontline during the historic battle of Stalingrad; many years later the artist again came to Stalingrad as a member of the artist brigade working on the war memorial at Mamaev Kurgan.

After the war, Komarov worked as a posterist and book illustrator, designed illustrated envelopes and postcards for the Communications Ministry, and regularly exhibited easel paintings.

Opening Price: $500

Estimate: $500-$750

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