Lot 52

IVANOV, V. and BUROVA, O. An Honorable Death is Preferable to Living in Shame (Dmitry Donskoi), 1942

Luchshe chestnaya smert', chem pozornaya zhizn (Dmitry Donskoi) [An Honorable Death Is Preferable to Living in Shame (Dmitry Donskoi)], a poster by Viktor Ivanov (1909-1968, Meritorious Art Worker of the Russian Federation) and Olga Burova (1911-?). Iskusstvo, Moscow-Leningrad, 1942. 86.5 x 57.5 cm.

This poster from the Let the Brave Images of Our Ancestors Inspire Us in This Battle series alludes to the archetypal image from Russian antiquity, that of Dmitry Donskoi, the first Moscow prince to openly challenge Mongol authority over Russia. For information about the artists, see the two previous lots.

Opening Price: $800

Estimate: $800-$1200

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