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BAYUSKIN V. and SHPIR, A. The Great Patriotic War, Poster Newspaper No. 11 , 1942

Velikaya Otechestvennaya Voina, plakat -gazeta No. 11 [The Great Patriotic War, Poster Newspaper No. 11 ], a poster by Vasily Bayuskin (1898-1952) and Anatoly Shpir. Vsekokhudoznik Publishing, 1942, 59 x 88 cm.

The “Plakat-Gazeta” [Poster Newspaper] poster series was published by Vsekokhudozhnik, an All-Russian Union of Artist Cooperatives (formed in 1928, disbanded in 1952). This issue illustrates various passages from Stalin's Order No. 55, issued in February 1942 on the occasion of the Red Army's 24th anniversary.

Moscow graphic artist Vasily Bayuskin received his artistic training at the school run by I. Sytin & Co., a major Moscow publisher (1911-1916), and later attended Moscow VKhUTEMAS (1918 -1920). He worked as a book illustrator and magazine artist, and also produced advertising posters. Bayuskin's exposure to the propaganda poster genre is largely limited to the WWII period. We have very little information about the book illustrator Anatoly Shpir. He attended the Turkestan Arts School in Tashkent in early 1920s, and later moved to Moscow.

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Estimate: $700-$1000

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