Lot 48

BASKAKOV, N. Comrades! Donate Warm Clothes for the Red Army!, 1942

Tovarishi! Sdavaite tepliye veshchi dlya Krasnoi Armii! [Comrades! Donate Warm Clothes for the Red Army!], a poster by Nikolai Baskakov (1918 -1993). OGIZ - Dalgiz, 1942, 56.5 x 85.5 cm.

A student of Ioganson, Nikolai Baskakov is remembered primarily as a talented painter (historic and genre paintings, landscapes, portraiture.) The artist attended the Astrakhan Art School in 1933-1939 and the Leningrad Art Institute in 1945-51. In between, he served in the army in the Far East (first as a regular soldier, then as a military artist). During this period, he produced a number of posters.

Opening Price: $400

Estimate: $400-$600

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