Lot 47

ALEKSANDROV, A. The Enemy Shall Not Pass! Death to German Invaders!, 1942

Pregradim dorogu vragu! Smert' nemetskim Occupantam! [The Enemy Shall Not Pass! Death to German Invaders!], a poster by A. Alexandrov [Alexander Alexandrov (1894-1948)]. Gosizdat UzSSR, Tashkent , 1942, 52.5 x 83 cm.

The poster is signed “A. Alexandrov” in plate. A 1963 essay on poster production in Uzbekistan mentions A. Alexandrov among the artists that in September 1941 started producing windows display posters for UzTAG (Uzbek Telegraph Agency); notably, the list of artists involved includes many evacuees from the territories threatened by the German advance. This leads us to identify “A. Alexandrov” as Alexander Alexandrov (Selezen'), a Ukrainian painter, theater artist, books illustrator and posterist, who before the war worked in Kharkov and Kiev, and returned to Ukraine after the war. A short biography of the artist can be found in Slovar' khudozhnikov Ukrainy [Dictionary of Ukrainian Artists] (M. Bazhan, ed., Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, 1973).

Opening Price: $600

Estimate: $600-$900

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