Lot 46

ABRAMOV, M. Illustration to Comrade Stalin's May 1st Order, 1942

Illyustratsii k Pervomaiskomu prikazu tovarisha Stalina [Illustration to Comrade Stalin's May 1st Order], a poster by Mark Abramov (1913-1994, Meritorious Art Worker of the Russian Federation). OGIZ-Ivanovo, 1942, 55 x 87.1 cm.

Mark Abramov came to Moscow in the early 1930s to study civil engineering. Instead, he became a satirical artist, whose caricatures and satirical drawings appeared regularly in the leading newspapers and in such popular magazines as Krokodil and Ogonyok. Much of Abramov's pre-war work was done in collaboration with his brother Oleg Abramov, and appeared under the pseudonym MOA. With the start of WWII, Oleg Abramov was called into military service; it is our understanding that he was killed at the front. In his honor, Mark Abramov, who spent much of WWII working in Ivanovo, continued to use the MOA pseudonym; this is one of the few posters of the war period where he used his real name.

Opening Price: $700

Estimate: $700-$1000

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