Lot 43

SHUKHMIN, P. Come Down, A Landing Spot Is Ready, 1941

Leti, leti, tebe uzhe gotovo mesto dlya posadky! [Come Down, A Landing Spot Is Ready], an early TASS Windows series poster (no.9) by Petr Shukhmin (1894 -1955). OGIZ-Gospolitizdat, 1941, 71.5 x 27 cm.

Stenciled TASS Windows posters were designed to react to breaking news. Due to the fleeting nature of topics covered, most were never considered for mass distribution. Shukhmin's poster is more general in nature, thus the decision to publish a lithographed, mass-produced version being offered here.

Shukhmin studied at the Imperial Arts Academy (1912-1916), and spent the next six years in military service, first in the Tsarist and later the Red Army. One of the founding members of AKhRR, the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia, he gained recognition as a historic — revolutionary genre painter, and in parallel pursued a teaching career in various Moscow art institutes. During the war, aside from producing posters for the TASS Windows operation, Shukhmin worked for several military magazines, notably for the popular Frontovoy yumor.

Opening Price: $700

Estimate: $700-$1000

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