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IKONNIKOV, V. A Precious Ringstone Does Not Shine As Bright as the Year 1917 Among the Centuries , 1923

Tak ne svetit v perstenyochke samotsvetny kameshek / Kak sredi stoletiy svetit nash semnadtsaty godok [A Precious Ringstone Does Not Shine As Brightly as the Year 1917 Among the Centuries], a poster by Vladimir Ikonnikov. [GIZ], Moscow, 1923, 53 x 35 cm.

Soviet theater director Kell, who worked with Ikonnikov on several theater productions in Perm in 1920-1921, highly praises the artist in his memoirs. He mentions that he was a Stroganov graduate and worked as a theater artist in Moscow before the Revolution. Ikonnikov also taught at the Perm Art Technical School, where one of his students was Valentin Kurdov, a prominent Leningrad posterist and People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Kurdov also who wrote about Ikonnikov at length, and rather fondly, in his memoir. Unfortunately, we did not find any biography of this interesting artist.

This 1923 lubok-style poster appears in Defining Russian Graphic Arts: From Diaghilev to Stalin, 1899-1934, A. Rosenfeld, ed., Rutgers University Press, 1999.

Opening Price: $1500

Estimate: $1500-$2250

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