Lot 39

SAIFULLIN, R. (Donate) Warm Clothing for the Red Army!, 1941

Krasnoy Armii — tyopliye veshi! [(Donate) Warm Clothing for the Red Army!], a poster by R.F. Saifullin. Tatgosizdat, Kazan, 1941, 59 ? 91.5 cm.

“The propaganda posters of graphic artist R.F. Saifullin enjoyed great popularity during the war. Unfortunately, we could not find any biographical information about the artist. We know that in 1935 he published his drawings in the Moscow press, and in 1941-1945 worked in Kazan. He illustrated the selected works of G. Tukai and a collection of Bashkir fairy tales, but in the history of the art of Tatarstan, his place is that of a political poster artist.” (Translated from Kuznetsova, L., “Plakaty i afishi Velikoi Otechestvennoi Voiny v fondakh Natsionalnogo Arkhiva RT [Posters of the Great Patriotic War Period in the National Archives of the Tatar Republic],” an article in Gasyrlar Avazy [Echo of Centuries] magazine, Kazan, 2005, no. 1.)

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Opening Price: $600

Estimate: $600-$900

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