Lot 36

KRYUKOV, B. The Red Army Is Invincible!, between 1939 and 1941

Chervona Armiya — neperemozhna! [The Red Army Is Invincible!], a Ukrainian-language poster by poster by B. Kryukov [Boris Kryukov (1895-1967)]. Iskusstvo, Kiev, [1939 -1941], 61.5 x 91.5 cm.

The attribution and dating of this poster are tentative. Our impression is that it is the work of outstanding book illustrator and talented painter Boris Kryukov (1895 -1967). Kryukov, whose first posters were produced for YugROSTA back in the 1920s, regularly worked in this genre up until the start of the war; but with rapid German advances in the beginning of the war, he found himself in the occupied territories, ended up working in Poland, and never came back to Ukraine, instead settling in Argentina during the war. As a result, his books, paintings and posters largely disappeared from Soviet libraries and museums open to the general public.

Assuming that our artist identification is correct, the poster was produced either very early in the Great Patriotic War, or before it (in connection with campaigns of 1939 against Poland, or 1940 against Finland). Notably, we came across descriptions of two Kryukov posters on similar themes published in 1939 by the same publisher, and with the same art editor (Akopov).

Kryukov subsequently ended up working in occupied Poland . He never came back to Ukraine, instead settling in Argentina after the war.

Opening Price: $1500

Estimate: $1500-$2250

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