Lot 27

DOBROVOLSKY, [V.] Pioneers! Actively Help the Harvesting Effort!, after 1940.

Pionery! Okazyvaite aktivnuyu pomosh v uborke urozhaya! [Pioneers! Actively Help the Harvesting Effort!], a poster by artist Dobrovolsky [Vladimir Dobrovolsky (1920 -1991), Meritorious Art Worker of the Russian Federation]. Far East Regional Branch of the Soviet Arts Fund, 1940, 31 x 43 cm.

The poster, produced in the Russian Far East, is not dated. Judging by the style, it was produced in the 1940s. Earlier dating is excluded — the Soviet Arts Fund was created in 1940.

Dobrovolsky's last name is shared by several Soviet poster artists. Our assumption is that this poster was produced by caricaturist Vladimir Dobrovolsky — the artist grew up and studied arts in the Soviet Far East, and during the war worked for the 1st Far Eastern Front military newspaper. Later, he moved to Moscow and worked for Krokodil, the leading satirical Soviet magazine.

Opening Price: $400

Estimate: $400-$600

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