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DENI, V. and DOLGORUKOV, N. Stalin (Whoever Is Strong in the Air…), 1938

Stalin (Kto silyon v vozdukhe…) [Stalin (Whoever Is Strong in the Air…)], a poster by Viktor Deni (Viktor Denisov, 1893-1946, Meritorious Art Worker of the RSFSR) and Nikolai Dolgorukov (1902-1980, Meritorious Art Worker of the RSFSR). Published by OGIZ-IZOGIZ, Moscow-Leningrad, 1938. 70 x 103 cm.

The poster's caption, reading “whoever is strong in the air is these days strong overall,” comes from the 1938 speech by Commissary of Defense Klim Voroshilov at the military parade marking the 21st anniversary of October Revolution. There exists another 1938 Deni-Dolgorukov poster with the same caption but a different design, so we slightly modified the poster title to avoid possible confusion.

The Deni-Dolgorukov collaboration started in 1933, just a few years after Dolgorukov, a graduate of Moscow VKhUTEIN (class of 1930), had obtained a position with OGIZ-IZOGIZ. It continued well into the war years. Dolgorukov, a skilled, reliable, and well-liked artist, was often assigned to work with higher-ranking colleagues; first with Deni, and later with Efimov. While such collaborations improved his standing within the publishing community, they also limited, to a degree, his ability to work on his own. With time, however, the artist earned recognition for his own body of work, producing some memorable WWII posters and winning a number of prizes in international post-WWII competitions. Moscow, 1938, 48 x 59 cm.

Opening Price: $1200

Estimate: $1200-$1800

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