Lot 17

KOKOREKIN, A. Let's Set Up Threshing in a Bolshevik Fashion, 1934

Po bolshevistski organizuyem molot'bu [Let's Set Up Threshing in a Bolshevik Fashion], a poster by Alexei Kokorekin (1906-1959, Meritorious Art Worker of the Russian Federation). OGIZ-IZOGIZ, Moscow, 1934, 101 x 72.5 cm.

Silently lurking in the background of 1934 harvest propaganda campaign were the memories of the Famine of the 1932-1933. The state was determined to assure a smooth and effective harvesting campaign, and to prevent any pilfering — no matter how insignificant. Characteristically, the design shows several workers recording every sack of grain, and accompanying text mentions that “outsiders will not be allowed at the field.”

For information about the artist, see lot 14.

Opening Price: $1200

Estimate: $1200-$1800

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