Lot 15

KOKOREKIN, A. We'll Pass the Socialist Exam in Technological Proficiency , 1933

Vyderszhim sotsialisticheskii examen na ovladeniye technikoi [We'll Pass the Socialist Exam in Technological Proficiency ], a poster by Alexei Kokorekin (1906-1959, Meritorious Art Worker of the Russian Federation). OGIZ-IZOGIZ, Moscow, 1933, 71.5 x 103 cm.

A poster on a topic similar to that of the previous lot. Note the slight change in terminology, though — after initial successes in obliterating illiteracy among the workers, the impetus shifted to acquiring new technical skills. See the previous lot for more information about the artist.

Opening Price: $2000

Estimate: $2000-$3000

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