Lot 14

KOKOREKIN, A. Through Liquidation of Illiteracy and Poor Literacy — Towards Mastery Over Technology!, 1932

Cherez likvidatsiyu negramotnosti i malogramotnosty — k ovladeniyu technikoi! [Through Liquidation of Illiteracy and Poor Literacy — Towards Mastery Over Technology!], a poster by Alexei Kokorekin (1906-1959, Meritorious Art Worker of the Russian Federation). OGIZ-IZOGIZ, Moscow, 1932, 70 x 102.5 cm.

A talented easel painter who was also considered one of the better Soviet posterists, Kokorekin, a graduate of the Krasnodar Art School, arrived in Moscow in 1929, and within a couple of years became a regular supplier of posters for OGIZ-IZOGIZ. His reputation gradually grew (second prize in the important 1934 poster competition 10 Years Without Lenin), but real popularity came to the artist during the war, finding its reflection in the 1946 Stalin Prize for his wartime body of work. Kokorekin received another Stalin Prize in 1949, was elected a Corresponding Member of the Soviet Academy of Arts, and received the title of Meritorious Art Worker of the Russian Federation on his 50th birthday. In 1959 he contracted smallpox on a trip to India, and died of it shortly after returning to Moscow (and inadvertently starting a smallpox epidemic in the city).

Opening Price: $2000

Estimate: $2000-$3000

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