Lot 12

State Insurance Trust, 1933

Gosstrakh SSSR [State Insurance Trust], a poster by Mikhail Sheglov (1885 -1955). Krasny Krim Publishing, [1933], 81 x 57 cm.

This regional poster, produced by the regional Crimean publisher and sponsored by the Crimean bureau of Gosstrakh, the State Insurance Trust, encourages farmers of Crimea to use the Gosstrakh services. The small font inscription at the top right corner quotes passages from the March 1933 resolution of the Party's Central Committee that criticized some Gosstrakh practices, and ordered Gosstrakh to start offering coverage to collective farms and personal life insurance services to farmers. This suggests the 1933-1934 dating; on another hand, the artist's signature seems to read “M. Sheglov/45,” and one can't completely exclude the possibility that '45 refers to the year the poster was produced.

Before the Revolution, Mikhail Sheglov (Stroganov class of 1905) lived for several years in Tomsk, then considered the capital of Siberia, and gained some recognition for his ethnographic drawings and watercolors; postcards based on Sheglov's works of that period were published in mass quantities. Subsequently, he moved a lot — Moscow, Rybinsk, Crimea in 1923-5 (this may explain his connections with the local publishers), before settling for a while in Kharkov. Uprooted by WWII, he was evacuated back to Siberia; there he produced a large number of propaganda posters for the local TASS Windows operation. With the end of the war, Sheglov returned to Crimea; many of his works of the post-WWII period are now in the collection of the Art Museum in Simferopol.

Opening Price: $300

Estimate: $300-$450

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