Lot 115

BABIN, N., and GAUSMAN, G. We Will Illuminate With Electric Light Every Corner of Our Vast Land!, late 1950s

… Ozarim elektricheskim svetom vse kraya neob'yatnoi strany! [ We Will Illuminate With Electric Light Every Corner of Our Vast Land!], an artwork for a double-size poster by Nikolai Babin (b. 1931, Meritorious Art Worker of the Russian Federation), and Georgy (Eduard) Gausman (1928-?). Agitplakat, 1950s, 79 x 150 cm.

Agitplakat, a boutique publisher/ art studio was founded in 1956, and, as its name suggests, specialized in propaganda posters. Most Agitplakat posters carry a serial number. In this case, the number is quite low, thus our early dating.

Nikolai Babin attended Krasnodar Technical School for Arts, and the 1905 Uprising Art Teachers School in Moscow (class of 1959).  He started producing posters in the late 1950s and worked for a range of Moscow publishers. His frequent collaborator Georgy Gausman (1905 Uprising Art Teachers School, Moscow, class of 1958) was another veteran Moscow poster artist. Aside from producing propaganda posters, Gausman also worked in the film poster genre.

Opening Price: $800

Estimate: $800-$1200

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