Lot 11

EBERMAN, M. Rabbit Breeding and Upkeep, 1931

Razvedeniye i soderzhaniye krolikov [Rabbit Breeding and Upkeep], a poster by Maximilian Eberman. OGIZ-IZOGIZ, Moscow-Leningrad, 1931. 89 x 64 cm.

Rabbit breeding suddenly became a hot topic in 1931-1932, when the State started looking for non-traditional ways to solve the problem of food shortages in the cities and decided to develop local food sources for industrial regions. Workers were encouraged to start garden plots and raise hens, rabbits, and even pigs; at the height of the 1931-1932 rabbit-raising craze, the Moscow Soviet even adopted a decree requiring every city school to maintain a rabbit hutch. For a much later poster on the same topic, see lot 62.

Moscow painter and graphic artist Maximilian Eberman studied at Stroganov under Arkhipov, and from 1910 onwards took part in the exhibitions held by various Moscow art groups. An internet image search came up with a number of his propaganda works, including a large panneau for the 1918 festivities in Moscow. The RGALI archive holds a number of Eberman's posters and poster artworks, both in his personal file and the files of fellow Moscow artists. The artist also worked as a book illustrator.

Opening Price: $500

Estimate: $500-$750

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