Lot 108

KUKRYNIKSY COLLECTIVE. The People Issue a Warning!, 1950

Narody preduprezhdayut! [The People Issue a Warning!], a poster by the Kukryniksy Collective: People's Artists of the Soviet Union Mikhail Kupreyanov (1903-1991), Porfiry Krylov (1902-1990), and Nikolai Sokolov (1903-2000). Iskusstvo, Moscow, 1950, 82.5 x 56 cm.

The Stockholm Appeal by the World Peace Council, calling for a complete ban on nuclear weapons, was published in March 1950. In the next several months, petitions in support of the Appeal were signed by millions of people all over the world (in Warsaw Pact countries, signing the appeal petition was de facto mandatory).

The young caricaturists met as students at VKhUTEMAS. Initially, they mostly produced caricatures on literary themes. They credited Maxim Gorky, who was also instrumental in organizing the collective's first individual exhibition (1932), with advising them to turn to political satire. With time, Kukryniksy came to occupy the top spot among satirical artists in the Soviet art hierarchy, and the artists were showered with honors and titles.

Opening Price: $700

Estimate: $700-$1000

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