Lot 106

ZADOROZHNY, V. In Battles We Build The Future / Leading The Fatherland towards Glory, 1947

V boyakh zdobuvayemo volyu maybutnyu / Do slavy vitchyznu svoyu povedem [In Battles We Build The Future/Leading The Fatherland towards Glory] , a poster by Ivan (``Valentin``) Zadorozhny (1921-1988, Meritorious Artist of Ukrainian SSR). Iskusstvo, Moscow, 1947, 60 x 90.5 cm.

Valentin Zadorozhny started producing posters while still a student at the Kiev Art Institute. He found success almost immediately, winning several Ukrainian poster competitions. This prompted the artist and critic V. Kasian to observe that ``posters are Zadorozhny's natural second language.`` The artist continued to produce posters in the later stages of his career, but gradually, his interests shifted towards monumental art.

Opening Price: $300

Estimate: $300-$450

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