Lot 104

KORETSKY, V. Pioneers and Schoolchildren! Take the BGSO Badge Tests!, 1947

The Russian abbreviation BGSO stands for “Be Prepared for the Sanitary Defense of the USSR.” Sponsored by the Red Cross and modeled after the mass military-preparedness and fitness program BGTO (“Be Prepared for Labor and Defense of the USSR”), BGSO aimed to train Soviet youth in carrying various tasks as military medics  and Red Cross workers. Participants that passed a standardized set of tests were awarded the BGSO badge. In addition, there were special badges for students interested in acquiring specialized skills (like the BGSO Sanitary Aviation badge), and badges for blood donors. For additional examples of Koretsky's work for the Red Cross, see the previous lot, and lot 59.

Opening Price: $600

Estimate: $600-$900

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