Lot 101

GOLUB', P. A Working Man That Gives Society His Best Effort Is a Labor Hero Covered With Glory, 1947

Trudovoi chelovek chuvstvuyet sebya u nas svobodnym grazhdaninom nashei strany, svoyego roda obshestvennym deyatelem... [With Us, A Working Man Feels Himself A Free Citizen of Our Country, a Public Figure of Sorts…], a poster by Pyotr Golub' (1913-1953). Iskusstvo, Moscow, 1947, 59.5 x 85 cm.

The lengthy quotation utilized as a caption comes from Stalin's speech at the First Stakhanovites Congress back in 1935. Shortened variations can be found on other posters promoting Socialist competition and shock workers movement. It is a bit unusual though to see it applied in a non-industrial environment.

For information about the artist, see lot 99.

Opening Price: $300

Estimate: $300-$450

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