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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Australia127136mint $500
Bangkok34mint $500

Bangkok1114mint Matte gum$500

Barbados47 var68wmint Wmk inverted$500

Barbados47 var68wmint Wmk inverted$500

Batum43-4634-37mint "Checked against Ashford handbook - various backstamps, signatures"$500

Batum51-5642-44bmint Set of 6. Checked against Ashford handbook$500

Br Honduras1115mint Edge of sheet wmk at top$500

Cape of Good Hope2132mint f+No gum$500
Cape of Good Hope3946mint "Tiny margin thin at right center, nonetheless a beautiful fresh well centered copy of a major rarity. PF opinion. Ex Burrus"$4500
Gr Britain104193mint f+$500

Gr Britain109183mint Ultramarine$2500

Gr Britain181417mint "Bradbury, Wilkinson"$500

Gr Britain181 var417 varmint "Bradbury, Wilkinson; SG specialised dull blue"$500

Gr BritainO76O105mint $500

Hong Kong6651mint "An uncommonly fresh, pretty copy"$500

India C S - JindO61O72mint $500

India C S - Nabha710mint Block of 60 from upper left pane.$500
India P S - Cochin97116used $500

India P S - Jam & Kash3416mint ngaiDeep black. ISES opinion$500

India P S - KishangarhO20 varO22aused "Red ovpt, on piece. ISES opinion"$500

Labuan9a9amint f-vf"No right foot to second chinese character, wmk reversed"$500

Mauritius6497mint "Very tiny, slight thin "$500

New ZealandAR41F119mint De la Rue clean-cut comb p. 14x14$500

New ZealandAR41F119mint De la Rue clean-cut comb p. 14x14$500

New ZealandAR44F144mint "Wiggins Teape clean-cut comb p. 14x14, horizontal mesh"$500

New ZealandAR69F168mint Cowan paper horiz mesh$500

Niger Coast Prot5164used "240 bisects total of all colors (SG 62, 63, and 64) produced. Blue surcharge, on piece. Signed Bloch. Sismondo opinion"$500

North Borneo79-8892/109mint Set of 10$500

Sarawak8-218-21mint f+$500
Sierra Leone6067used $1500
South West Africa29-4029-40mint All but 3d. with 'Zuidwest' on left stamp in pair$500

St. Helena11mint Margins clear on all 4 sides$500

St. Vincent31a33amint Unsevered pair - scarce thus$500

St. Vincent3234mint Brandon opinion$500

Tang - Mafia IsNL86M50mint Green overprint$500

Tang - Mafia IsNL87M51mint Green overprint$500

Trinidad92-104133-45mint Set of 13$500

Uganda3737mint "Borders on 4 sides - rare thus. Light pencil notation on back: 'Hind HRHarmer'. A fresh, lh, lovely copy"$1500

Zanzibar12 var17 varmint "SG Type H, inverted 'q' for 'b'. 4 x normal"$500

Zanzibar23 var35 varmint "Scott Type a/SG Type 3. U. P. U. special printing, diagonal fraction bar, which occurs once per sheet (stamp 36)"$500

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