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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Australia21b21dmint "SG Die II, small spur"$425
Cook Is6776mint 'De La Rue' paper$27
Cook Is6877mint 'De La Rue' paper$19
Cook Is6978mint f-vf'De La Rue' paper. Disturbed og$22
Fiji1813amint Deep blue. Tiny thin$25
Fiji42a54mint "P. 11 x 10, pale mauve"$23
Fiji42 var58amint "P. 11 x 11, bright purple"$17
Fiji42 var58amint "P. 11 x 11, bright purple"$17
Fiji4636mint $12
Gilbert & Ellice3135mint $160

N W Pacific Is376used $11
N W Pacific Is2496used $55
N W Pacific Is2699nh/mint "Vertical strip of 3 showing all overprint types. Top stamp (SG Type a) tiny hr, bottom pair (SG Types b, c) nh. A fresh, lovely showpiece"$1800

New South Wales52208mint Salmon$38
New South WalesJ9D9amint P. 12 x 10$550
Samoa126Not listedmint f-De la Rue rough p. 14. Back has a number of tone spots$60

Samoa123 var166bmint Cowan thick opaque$42
Samoa125 var166dmint Cowan thick opaque$110

VictoriaJ3D3mint $14
VictoriaJ7D7mint $75
VictoriaJ8D8mint $50
VictoriaJ9D9mint $140
VictoriaJ10D10mint $190

VictoriaJ11D1amint $7
VictoriaJ12D2amint $16

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