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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Bechuanaland13mint $95

Bechuanaland54mint $15
Br Central Africa55mint $19
Br East Africa5853mint $16
Br East Africa6558mint $25
Br East Africa6760mint $50
Cameroon64aB12amint Inverted 'S'$1000

Cape of Good Hope43 var49amint Carmine-red$15
Cape of Good Hope4450amint Bistre$15
Cape of Good Hope44a50mint Pale bistre$42
Cape of Good Hope4751mint Blue$26
Cape of Good Hope49b52bmint Bright mauve$16
Cape of Good Hope49b52bmint Bright mauve$16
E Africa & Uganda5155mint $29
Gold Coast33mint P 12. Good perfs for this issue$750

Gold Coast44mint $95

Gold Coast66mint $140

Gold Coast1312mint Rose-carmine$6
Gold Coast13b12amint Carmine$6
Gold Coast14a13bmint Slate$17
Gold Coast1514mint $14
Gold Coast16a15mint Olive-yellow$27
Gold Coast1716mint Deep mauve$28
Gold Coast1918amint Bright mauve$16
Gold Coast2019amint Deep brown$60
Gr Britain - Morocco20636mint $15
Gr Britain - Morocco216 var49anh "Opt triple, 2 albino. Lovely right margin single, clearly showing the initial positioning albino strikes"$250
Kenya Uganda2987mint $7
Kenya Uganda3088mint $8
Kenya Uganda3189mint $19
Kenya Uganda3290mint $18
Kenya Uganda3492mint $24
Kenya Uganda3694mint $75
Kenya Uganda3795mint $225
Mauritius41a72mint Bright mauve$325
Natal3860mint $120

Natal5985mint "'' 4 mm high, '2' has straight foot"$45
Natal6496mint $55
Natal6799nh Rose$15
Natal6799mint Rose$8
Natal72104mint $24
Natal74a106mint "Appears nh, save for two very light gum adhesions"$55
Natal76108mint $12
Natal77109mint $16
Natal78113mint $12
Natal101146mint $12
Natal102147mint $12
Niger Coast Prot4856mint "P. 14-15, jumbo copy"$85

Orange River Col8c7mint Bright carmine$17
Orange River Col"29, 31"54-55mint $33

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