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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Cape of Good Hope5763amint Ultramarine$14
Cape of Good Hope5763amint Ultramarine$14
Cape of Good Hope59-6158-60mint $23
Cape of Good Hope59-6158-60mint $23
Cape of Good Hope60 var59mint Rose-red$14
Cape of Good Hope60 var59mint f+Rose-red. Hinge remnant$10
Cape of Good Hope63-7170-78mint $250

Cape of Good Hope6774mint $18
Cape of Good Hope6875mint $21
Cape of Good Hope6976mint $21
Cape of Good Hope6976mint $32
Cape of Good Hope7077mint $18
Cape of Good Hope1621mint $325

Cape of Good Hope1632mint PF opinion$400

Cape of Good Hope16913mint APS opinion$1650
Cape of Good Hope17110mint BPA opinion$600

Cape of Good Hope17920mint Deep blue. A lovely copy of a difficult stamp to find in good condition. BPA opinion$1800
Cape of Good HopeN11mint Sismondo opinion$250

Gold Coast"11, 13-20"19-Novmint Set of 9 least expensive shades$180

Gold Coast1413mint Grey$48
Kenya Uganda3492mint $26
Mauritius182a226bmint Die I$19
Mauritius184a227amint Die I$13
Mauritius193a235amint Die I$29
Natal6393mint Matte gum$

Natal112167mint $15
Natal113168mint $25
Natal114169mint $30
Natal115170mint $130

Northern Rhodesia1717mint $300

Orange River Col32mint Red-brown$20
Orange River Col86mint f-vfRose-carmine$20
Orange River Col1187mint $32
Orange River Col1721mint $110

Orange River Col2236mint $24
Orange River Col52j121amint "Raised stops. Fresh, pretty copy. Sismondo opinion "$1350

Orange River Col53c122mint Raised stops$10
Orange River Col51g130mint Thick 'V' $23
Orange River Col53g132mint Thick 'V' $65
Seychelles35a43amint Narrow '0' in '30'$40
Southern Rhodesia1917mint $11
Southern Rhodesia2018mint $10
Southern Rhodesia2421bmint P. 12$10
Southern Rhodesia2724mint P. 12$14
Southern Rhodesia2825mint P. 12$30
Southern Rhodesia2926mint P. 12$50
Sudan51-5959-67mint $130

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