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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Fiji42a54mint "P. 11 x 10, pale mauve"$23.00
India C S - Nabha22mint f+Paper hinge remnant$70.00
India C S - Nabha45mint 240 copies printed. Matte gum$500.00

India C S - Nabha56mint f240 copies printed. Small thin top margin$350.00

India C S - Nabha64mint f-vf1280 copies printed. $115.00

India C S - Nabha"2 F, 3 F""2 F, 3 F"mint "Forgeries - the measurements are pretty close, but the type is slightly smaller, slightly different, and an intense black. They are also on the wrong shades, plum and ultramarine"$20.00

India C S - Nabha11-2514-33mint Set of 15. Low values mostly f-f+.$750.00

India C S - Nabha11/2514-30mint fShort set of 12 to the 1R. Fine to fine+$70.00
India C S - Nabha1622mint Some paper adhesion$9.00
India C S - Nabha1723mint Olive-green$10.00
India C S - Nabha2231mint 576 copies printed$225.00

India C S - Nabha2332mint 576 copies printed$250.00

India C S - Nabha2433mint 576 copies printed$250.00

India C S - Nabha27-3637/46mint Set of 11$80.00
India C S - Nabha3242mint $10.00
India C S - Nabha3444mint Purple$12.00
India C S - Nabha3545mint $10.00
India C S - Nabha40-4949-58mint Set of 10$60.00
India C S - Nabha5059mint $15.00
India C S - Nabha51-5960/72mint Set of 9$170.00

India C S - Nabha5871mint Centered slightly to right$45.00
India C S - Nabha63-6867/76mint Set of 6$27.00
India C S - Nabha6876mint $12.00
India C S - NabhaO6-O15O6/O20mint Set of 10$190.00

India C S - NabhaO16-22O24/34mint Set of 7$22.00
India C S - NabhaO16 varO24mint Pale grey$12.00
India C S - NabhaO26O38mint $80.00
India C S - NabhaO27-O33O39/O46mint Set of 7$20.00
India C S - Patiala22mint Slight paper hinge remnant$80.00
India C S - Patiala45mint Signed$600.00

India C S - Patiala4a5bmint gOptd in red & black$100.00

India C S - Patiala56mint f+$200.00

India C S - Patiala64mint 2560 copies issued$140.00

India C S - Patiala7-107-10mint $95.00
India C S - Patiala11-1211-12mint $60.00
India C S - Patiala13-2613/28mint "Set of 14. A fresh, pretty set - the 2R. has two diagonal gum creases that do not show in fluid, the 3R. is overprint treble, two albino"$900.00
India C S - Patiala13-2213/28mint Short set of 10 to the 1R.$42.00
India C S - Patiala2329mint Two light gum creases that do not show in fluid$225.00
India C S - Patiala24 var30bmint "Overprint treble, two albino"$325.00
India C S - Patiala2531mint $375.00
India C S - Patiala24mint Olive-bistre$13.00
India C S - Patiala31-4035-45mint Set of 10$50.00
India C S - Patiala43-5248/58mint Set of 10$50.00
India C S - Patiala53-5751/62mint Set of 5$85.00
India C S - Patiala60-7163/74mint Set of 12$70.00
India C S - Patiala72mint Wmk upright$12.00
India C S - Patiala73wmint Wmk inverted$30.00
India C S - Patiala75-7975/79mint Set of 5$13.00
India C S - Patiala80-9280-97mint "Set of 18. The fronts look nice, but the backs have moderate to heavy black album page/mount adhesions "$250.00
India C S - PatialaO1O1mint $30.00

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