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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Gr Britain"162e, vars"366-70mint The five SG listed shades$30.80

Gr Britain"163,a,b"371/72mint Three of the five SG listed shades$39.60

Gr Britain163b372mint Blue$13.20
Gr Britain"164, a, b, var"374-77mint The four SG listed shades$42.90

Gr Britain165/b378-80mint The three SG listed shades$90.00

Gr Britain165379mint Grey-green$16.50
Gr Britain165379mint Grey-green$16.50
Gr Britain165b378mint Deep grey-green$48.40
Gr Britain166382mint Yellow-brown$15.00
Gr Britain166b381mint Brown$15.00
Gr Britain167/d384-86mint The three SG listed shades$95.00

Gr Britain167b385amint "P. 14, reddish purple"$95.00

Gr Britain167b385amint f-vfP. 14$80.00

Gr Britain167d386mint "Control A24 single, dp reddish-purple"$50.00
Gr Britain168a388mint "Control H16 single, bronze-green"$74.80
Gr Britain"169, a"390-91mint The two SG listed shades. Sg 391 is nh$80.00

Gr Britain169390mint Black/yellow$35.20
Gr Britain169a391mint On yellow-buff granite paper$44.00
Gr Britain"170, var"392-93mint The two SG listed shades$44.00

Gr Britain"171, a""394, a"mint The two SG listed shades$120.00

Gr Britain171394mint Turquoise-blue$24.20
Gr Britain"172, a"395-96mint The two SG listed shades$55.00

Gr Britain172a396mint Bistre-brown$38.50
Gr Britain173b399mint Waterlow. Deep sepia-brown$440.00

Gr Britain174401mint Waterlow. $675.00

Gr Britain175402mint Waterlow. $1300.00

Gr Britain176403mint Waterlow. Green. 1977 P F opinion: 'part og'$3900.00

Gr Britain173a407mint De La Rue. Pale brown$440.00

Gr Britain174a409mint De La Rue. Brighte carmine$700.00

Gr Britain177397mint Coil $160.00

Gr Britain178398mint Coil $250.00

Gr Britain177-78397-98mint $410.00

Gr Britain179b414mint "Bradbury, Wilkinson. Chocolate-brown"$175.00

Gr Britain179c415mint "Bradbury, Wilkinson. Reddish-brown"$175.00

Gr Britain179a415amint "Bradbury, Wilkinson. Pale brown"$184.80

Gr Britain180416mint "Bradbury, Wilkinson"$350.00

Gr Britain181417mint "Bradbury, Wilkinson"$500.00

Gr Britain181 var417 varmint "Bradbury, Wilkinson; SG specialised dull blue"$500.00

Gr Britain"183, var""393a, b"mint The 2 SG listed shades$250.00

Gr Britain185-86430-31mint $27.50
Gr Britain185-86430-31mint $27.50
Gr Britain185-86430-31mint $27.50
Gr Britain187-200418/29mint Set of 12$120.00

Gr Britain187-200418/29mint Set of 12$120.00

Gr Britain187a/190a418a/421bmint Wmk sideways. Set of 4 coils$149.60

Gr Britain187a418amint Wmk sideways - coil$9.90
Gr Britain188a419amint Wmk sideways - coil$22.00
Gr Britain189b420bmint Wmk sideways - coil$11.00
Gr Britain190a421bmint Wmk sideways - coil$110.00

Gr Britain188 var419bmint Experimental paper$24.20

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