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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
New Zealand37125mint f+Matte gum. Yellow-green. Hinge remnant$280.00

New Zealand39132amint $250.00
New Zealand40133mint f+Auckland p. 12$149.60

New Zealand42128mint fP. 10 x 12. No gum$260.00

New Zealand63a var221emint f+Sepia 'DODGSHUN'S Tweed' advert on pale orange-yellow$149.60

New Zealand68 var220emint "Brown-purple 'TRUEBRIDGE, MILLER & REICH' advert on pale orange-yellow"$220.00

New Zealand66192used "Horiz. mesh, p.12 x 11"$70.40

New Zealand70-83246-59mint vf-f"Clean set, 14 values"$875.00

New Zealand"70, b, c""246, b, c"nh "The three listed shades: purple-brown, purple-slate, and purple-black"$50.00
New Zealand70b246mint Purple-brown$18.48
New Zealand71247nh Blue and yellow-brown$13.20
New Zealand71248bmint Rosy lake$42.24
New Zealand73249amint Blue$12.32
New Zealand73249amint Blue$12.32
New Zealand73249amint Blue$12.32
New Zealand73249amint Blue$12.32
New Zealand73a249mint Sky-blue$12.32
New Zealand73a249mint Sky-blue$12.32
New Zealand74250mint 'WAKATIPU'$50.00
New Zealand75251mint $29.92
New Zealand76b252amint Lake-rose$20.24
New Zealand76252bused Dull rose$21.12
New Zealand77a253mint Sepia$90.00

New Zealand78254mint $70.40
New Zealand78254mint $70.40
New Zealand78254used $48.40

New Zealand79b255anh Prussian blue$150.00

New Zealand79b255amint Prussian blue$80.00
New Zealand82258mint $175.00

New Zealand82258mint $175.00

New Zealand83259mint $330.00

New Zealand84-86273/76mint $41.36
New Zealand85274mint f+Off center$11.44
New Zealand89261mint Yellow-brown$26.40
New Zealand93265mint Pale rose$50.00
New Zealand96268amint f+Disturbed og$60.00
New Zealand97269mint f$115.00

New Zealand97269bmint Grey-green$160.00

New Zealand98270mint Vermilion$300.00

New Zealand103 var352bnh "Block of 15 (will break). Thin, hard 'Cowan; paper, new Waterlow plates"$1300.00

New Zealand108 var349nh "nh, lh""Royle 'dot' plate, strip of 3, middle stamp lh"$65.00
New Zealand107 var304bmint f-vfP. 11 x 14$25.52
New Zealand109318nh $50.00
New Zealand109318mint $26.40
New Zealand110320mint $29.92
New Zealand112 var321c varmint f-vfWmk inverted$105.00

New Zealand114a323mint "Black-brown, p. 14"$65.00

New Zealand114 var323a varmint f+"Wmk reversed, disturbed og"$35.20

New Zealand115 var324 varmint f-vfWmk inverted$50.00

New Zealand116325mint $50.00

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