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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
New Hebrides41-4943-51mint$26.00
New Hebrides50-6152-63mint$250.00

New Hebrides50-6152-63mintf-vf$190.00

New Hebrides66-7668-78mint$20.00
New Hebrides66-7668-78mint$20.00
New HebridesJ1-J5D1-D5mint$160.00

New HebridesJ6-J10D6-D10mint$145.00

New HebridesJ6-J10D6-D10mint$145.00

New HebridesJ6-J10D6-D10mint$145.00

New HebridesJ6-J10D6-D10mint$145.00

New HebridesJ11-J15D11-D15nh$33.00
New Hebrides - French79-82F77-F80nh$22.00
New South Wales1e6mint"BPA: 'variously defective and repaired - lower margin added and painted in'. Cat $9500/11,000"$875.00

New South Wales2b13used$400.00

New South Wales2ck8cusedNo clouds$400.00

New South Wales837used$130.00

New South Wales9a39used$140.00

New South Wales10b44aused$310.00

New South Wales1453used$39.00
New South Wales52208mintSalmon$38.00
New South Wales53 var210cmintf+"P. 13, pale blue, surfaced paper. Not priced mint in SG; used catalog is 200"$260.00

New South Wales55213mintg"P. 13, perf tip toned, crease"$80.00

New South Wales57 var217mint"P. 13, pale lilac"$110.00

New South Wales"59, var""219, 220"mintf"P. 13, pale red-brown, red-brown, part og"$115.00

New South Wales59g220cmintfP. 11$44.00
New South Wales65329mint$11.00
New South Wales65329mint$11.00
New South Wales65329mint$11.00
New South Wales65329mint$11.00
New South Wales65b233bmint"Blue-green, p. 11"$12.00
New South Wales67c236cmintP. 10 x 12$270.00

New South Wales75241bmintP. 12$330.00

New South Wales75241bmintf"P. 12, tiny thin"$230.00

New South Wales75b241mintP. 10$1850.00

New South Wales79255dmintRed-brown$17.00
New South Wales80256mintf+"Centered lower left, paper hinge remnant"$28.00
New South Wales81257mintf+Light horizontal bend$20.00
New South Wales82f312mint"P.12, purple-brown"$26.00
New South Wales82f258bmint"P.12, purple-brown"$55.00
New South Wales85a261amintDeep purple$440.00

New South Wales88264cbmintUltramarine. P. 12 x 11 (least expensive variety)$410.00

New South Wales94d268emintP. 12$31.00
New South Wales96309mint$11.00
New South Wales96a322mintBrownish-orange$10.00
New South Wales96a322mintBrownish-orange$11.00
New South Wales96d236dcmintP. 11$12.00
New South Wales100296bmint"Die II, p. 12"$30.00
New South Wales101297cmint"Reddish purple, p. 11"$50.00
New South Wales101c297cdused"Reddish purple, p. 12"$44.00
New South Wales103a302amintf"Imperf pair, one stamp creased"$230.00

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