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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
New GuineaC1-C9137-45mint"9 values, short set to 1s."$16.00
New GuineaC14-C26163-75mint"13 values, short set to 10s."$270.00

New GuineaC24173mint$18.00
New GuineaC28-41190-201mint"14 values, short set to 5s."$110.00

New GuineaC28-40190-200mint"13 values, short set to 2s."$55.00
New GuineaC44204used$150.00

New GuineaC45205used$480.00

New GuineaC46-C55212-21mint"10 values, short set to 1s."$135.00

New GuineaC51217mint$11.00
New GuineaC52218mint$11.00
New GuineaC52218mint$11.00
New GuineaC52218mint$11.00
New GuineaC53219mint$34.00
New GuineaC53219mint$34.00
New GuineaC53219mint$34.00
New GuineaC54220mint$34.00
New GuineaC54220mint$34.00
New GuineaC55221mint$34.00
New GuineaC55221mint$34.00
New GuineaC59225nhf-vfLight tropical 'suntan'$120.00

New GuineaO1-O9O22-O30mint"1st printing, matte gum. Noticeably scarcer than the later, shiny gum printings"$120.00

New GuineaO1-O9O22-O30mint"Later printing, shiny gum"$75.00
New GuineaO1-O9O22-O30mint"Later printing, shiny gum"$75.00
New GuineaO6O27anh"Brown-ochre. 1st printing, matte gum"$12.00
New GuineaO6aO27nh"Bistre. 1st printing, matte gum, centered to bottom"$43.00
New GuineaO6aO27mint"Bistre. 1st printing, matte gum"$29.00
New GuineaO12-O22O31-O41mint$250.00

New GuineaO12-O22O31-O41mintvf-f$220.00

New GuineaO12-O21O31-O40mintf-vf"10 values, short set to 2s."$110.00

New GuineaO19O38mint$18.00
New GuineaO20O39mint$18.00
New GuineaO23-O35O42-O54nh$300.00

New GuineaO29O48nh$32.00
New GuineaO29O48mint$21.00
New GuineaO31O50nh$40.00
New GuineaO32O51nh$25.00
New GuineaO33O52nh$25.00
New GuineaO34O53mint$33.00
New GuineaO35O54mint$130.00

New Hebrides1-64-9mint$190.00

New Hebrides7-91a-3mint$28.00
New Hebrides7-91a-3mint$28.00
New Hebrides93mint$30.00
New Hebrides17-2518-28mint$120.00

New Hebrides33-3736-39mintSet of 3$21.00
New Hebrides3437used$48.00
New Hebrides3739mint$16.00
New Hebrides38-4040-42mint$16.00
New Hebrides38-4040-42mint$16.00
New Hebrides41-4943-51mint$26.00

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