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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Nauru17a-27a26B-36BmintGlazed paper - 1937-48 ptg. Short set of 11 to 1s.$80.00
Nauru28a37BmintGlazed paper - 1937-48 ptg.$35.00

Nauru29a38BnhGlazed paper - 1937-48 ptg.$60.00
Nauru30a39BnhGlazed paper - 1937-48 ptg.$130.00
New Britain55mint$95.00

New Britain55mint$95.00

New Britain66mint$110.00

New Britain1717mint$35.00
New Britain1818mint$50.00
New Britain1818mint$50.00
New Britain1919mint$50.00
New Britain1919mint$50.00
New Britain2222mintf$145.00

New Britain3151mint$80.00

New Britain3151mint$80.00

New Britain3757mint$300.00

New Britain4642mintKawieng (Deutsch Neuguinea)'. Mm tear$100.00

New Guinea1-12125-35mint"12 values, short set to 10s."$230.00

New Guinea7b130nhBrown-ochre$44.00
New Guinea9132mint$17.00
New Guinea18-28150-60mint"11 values, short set to 5s. 5s.fine, others vf-f"$100.00

New Guinea18-26150-58mint"9 values, short set to 1s."$50.00
New Guinea31-45177-89mintSet of 15$270.00

New Guinea31-45177-89mintf-vfSet of 15$220.00

New Guinea43187nh$48.00
New Guinea44188nh$85.00

New Guinea45189nh$190.00

New Guinea"34, 36""179a, 80a"mint1934 values$21.00
New Guinea38182nh$16.00
New Guinea40184nh$21.00
New Guinea50 var210amintRe-entry. The regular issue at right for comparison (not included in price)$55.00

New Guinea50 var210amintRe-entry. Lower left positional block. The variety (Pl 2a R. 5/2) nh$85.00

New GuineaC1-12137-48mintShort set of 12 to 10s.$120.00

New GuineaC13149nh$260.00

New GuineaC1-C9137-45mint"9 values, short set to 1s."$16.00
New GuineaC14-C26163-75mint"13 values, short set to 10s."$270.00

New GuineaC24173mint$18.00
New GuineaC28-41190-201mint"14 values, short set to 5s."$110.00

New GuineaC28-40190-200mint"13 values, short set to 2s."$55.00
New GuineaC44204used$150.00

New GuineaC45205used$480.00

New GuineaC46-C55212-21mint"10 values, short set to 1s."$135.00

New GuineaC51217mint$11.00
New GuineaC52218mint$11.00
New GuineaC52218mint$11.00
New GuineaC52218mint$11.00
New GuineaC53219mint$34.00

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