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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Tasmania116254mint "Litho, p. 12?"$26
TasmaniaAR14F17mint f"P. 12. Perfs close or into design. Still, a rarely seen stamp"$330

TasmaniaAR26F28mint $100

TasmaniaBF 31BF31mint "Barefoot 31, '1d' surcharge on Scott AR 29/SG 34"$18
Tonga11bamint P. 12x11?. Pale carmine$18
Tonga2a2mint P. 12?. Pale violet$50
Tonga2a2mint vf-fP. 12?. Pale violet$49
Tonga33abmint P. 12x11?. Dull blue$39
Tonga3a3mint f-vfP. 12?. Blue$50
Tonga49mint $18
Tonga54bamint P. 12x11?. Pale green$55
Tonga5 var4bamint P. 12x11? deep green$55
Tonga5 var4bamint f+P. 12x11?. Deep green. Centered to top right$44
Tonga5a var4amint P. 12? deep green. Hinge remnant$85

Tonga"6a, 6""5a, 5"mint f"Pair, one w/o stop. Off center, hinge remnant"$41
Tonga1212mint $50
Tonga1619mint Hinge remnant$37
Tonga1716mint $29
Tonga"21, 21a""21, 21a"mint f+"Pair, interesting comb perf shift in bottom margin. Adhesion"$10
Tonga"21, 21a""21, 21a"mint f-vfPair$10
Tonga"22, 22b""22, 22a"mint vf-fPair$13
Tonga2323mint f$10
Tonga23a 23amint f-vfNo stop after 'SURCHARGE'. Disturbed gum$42
Tonga23a 23amint f+No stop after 'SURCHARGE'. Disturbed og$42
Tonga2424mint P. 12? deep green. Paper adhesion$48
Tonga24b var24bamint No stop after 'SURCHARGE'$55
Tonga"24b, 24b var""24b, 24ba"mint "Pair, no stop after 'SURCHARGE'"$75
Tonga25-2825-28bmint f+$190

Tonga29-3232-35bmint fPaper adhesions$95
Tonga29a32aused "On piece, 16 SP 95 (proper date)"$130

Tonga3033mint $33
Tonga3134bmint fOff center$18
Tonga3235mint Orange-yellow$48
Tonga32 var35amint Yellow$48
Tonga34 var30cmint Missing eyebrow$185

Tonga38-5238a-53mint $250

Tonga4140amint Wmk sideways$22
Tonga41a41mint "Die II, wmk upright, sepia"$50
Tonga41a var42mint "Die II, wmk upright, grey"$50
Tonga42a43amint "No fraction bar, wmk upright. Hinge remnant"$115

Tonga"42, 42a""43, 43a"mint "No fraction bar, upper right marginal pair. Hinge remnant"$130

Tonga4647amint $10
Tonga4950mint $16
Tonga5152mint Hinge remnant$44
Tonga5253amint Wmk sideways$29
Tonga5354mint $44
Tonga63-6964-70amint Set of 7$165

Tonga6566mint $26
Tonga70-7271-73mint vf$23
Tonga70-7271-73mint f-vf$18

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