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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Papua5 var5mint Wmk horizontal$70
Papua5 var5mint Wmk horizontal$70
Papua6 var6mint Wmk horizontal$70
Papua6 var6used Wmk horizontal$39
Papua7 var7mint Wmk horizontal$80
Papua7 var7mint Wmk horizontal$80
Papua7 var7used Wmk horizontal$75

Papua1-7 var7-Janused "On front, SAMARAI Au 6 1902 postmark"$200

Papua19mint Wmk vertical$26
Papua19mint Wmk vertical$26
Papua19mint f+Wmk vertical$20
Papua311mint Wmk vertical$14
Papua311mint Wmk vertical$14
Papua412mint Wmk vertical$35
Papua412mint Wmk vertical$35
Papua412mint f+Wmk vertical$28
Papua513mint Wmk vertical$44
Papua614mint f+Wmk vertical$55
Papua1222mint Wmk vertical$20
Papua1424mint Wmk vertical$11
Papua16 var18mint Wmk horizontal$65
Papua1719mint f+Wmk horizontal$22
Papua1820mint Wmk horizontal$185

Papua19-2637-44mint "Set of 8. 2/6 wmk horizontal, others vertical"$280

Papua1938mint Wmk vertical$25
Papua1938used Wmk vertical$30
Papua19 var34used Wmk horizontal$95

Papua19 var38mint 'White leaves' at right. 3 x normal$70

Papua2241mint Wmk vertical$21
Papua2342mint Wmk vertical$50
Papua28-3349/54mint Set of 6$115

Papua29 var55 varmint "P. 12?, rift in clouds (x3)"$130

Papua30 var51a varmint "P. 11, 'Dot in sky' under 'P' of right 'POSTAGE'. Position 20 (x2)"$35

Papua31a var57 varmint "P. 12?, rift in clouds (x3)"$50

Papua31b52amint 'Thin 'd' at left$130

Papua3253mint "Wmk upright, P. 11"$14
Papua33a var58 varmint "P. 12?, 'Dot in sky' under 'P' of right 'POSTAGE'. Position 20 (x2)"$160

Papua34b var59 varmint "'Thick 'd', position 21 (2x)"$9

Papua34b var59a varmint "'Thick 'd', position 21 (2x)"$60
Papua35a60mint P. 11$11
Papua36b61mint P. 11$27
Papua36b61mint f$19
Papua36b61mint f$19
Papua36b61mint f$19
Papua37a69mint "Wmk horizontal, p. 12?"$11
Papua37a69used "Wmk horizontal, p. 12?"$48
Papua38b63amint 'Thin 'd' at left$130

Papua38 var63 varmint "P. 11, 'Dot in sky' under 'P' of right 'POSTAGE'. Position 20 (x2)"$11

Papua4071mint "Wmk sideways, p. 12?"$20
Papua40 var71 varmint "P. 12?, 'Dot in sky' under 'P' of right 'POSTAGE'. Position 20 (x2)"$40

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